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Total Solar Eclipse June 21st 2001
(Fringilla Farm / Sambia / South-Africa)

All stuff here is rotating traffic sign of worksite baustelle_anim.gif - 4551 Bytes still work in progress!

Have a lot of fun :-)

Some pictures in full resolution:
ia0140-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0141-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0142-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0143-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0144-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0145-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0146-720sca587-annot.jpg ia0147-720sca587-annot.jpg

All images in half resolution

Click to the gnu (wildebeest) to have a look ...

... at non-eclipse pictures of Africa !
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