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				Snorkeling Tour
				Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse Total Solar Eclipse Total Solar Eclipse

The Carribean Journey to the Total Solar
Eclipse at February 26, 1998

You may reach the pictures in enlarged fashion with description by clicking at the pictures above.


This journey at first lead us per airplane from Germany via Washington to Orlando/Florida. Afterwards Florida was made unsafe by a rented car.
The first station at this time was Titusville (near Cape Canaveral !). A detailed (two day) visit of the Kennedy Space Centers brought many interesting insights in past and present of space travel.

The next destination was Key Largo, the most eastern of the key islands. A one-day trip via highway to the south with short stop at Cocoa Beach and with unharmedly survived mighty thunderstorm in the vicinity of Miami brouhgt us there.

Following itinerary will be described here in near future ...
Short description: Everglades, Flight to St. Juan at Puerto Rico, Boarding. Voyage: St. Thomas (snorkeling tour), Guadeloupe, Grenada, Carašas, Aruba, Eclipse.
At Puerto Rico (with rent car) round trip via 3 Paradores: visit of Arecibo, Indian ceremonial place, Cave, southwest coast (swimming !), Ruta Panoramica, central mountains, natural park El Yunce.
Flight back to Miami, stay again at Key Largo, long drive over 7-miles-bridge to Key West.
Flight back to Germany.
You may also have a look at the pictures of the Solar Eclipse or of Arecibo or of the snorkeling tour !
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